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“Support, not Perfection”

This is a program designed to support parents and caregivers of children up to 6 years of age.

We Believe in the Dreams of Every Child!

Children’s first teachers are their parents and caregivers. These adults play a crucial role in laying the foundation upon which children can achieve their dreams. While all parents/caregivers want the very best for their children, there is no recipe for parenting perfection. However, children don’t need perfect parents/caregivers.

Children need the love of a nurturing adult in their lives, which every parent/caregiver has the capacity to give!

Parenting Isn’t Easy

Providing children with nurturing care requires immense energy and patience. In Serbia, almost every other parent/caregiver reports being exhausted and not having enough time for himself/herself.

This is why we developed Support, not Perfection: to support the adults who give everything of themselves each day to support the development of our children in their earliest years.

Program Content

The program consists of ten, two-hour workshops, which are held on a weekly basis with a small group of 15 parents/caregivers. While these workshops are led by skilled facilitators from the local communities, participants are the ones who are expected to contribute the most knowledge and greatest advice.

In each workshop, participants share stories, socialize informally, and participate in activities and discussions that serve to:

1. Expand their knowledge of child development, brain development, and strategies to promote both;

2. Provide them with the opportunity to develop and practice their communication, problem-solving, self-regulation and coping skills;

3. Enhance their sense of self-efficacy and social support.

Program Vision

Ultimately, the goal of this program is not to transform participants into perfect parents/caregivers. Instead, the program aims to empower participants with additional knowledge, skills, strategies and support that they can draw on in the years when they are performing one of the hardest and most important jobs in the world—promoting the development of their children, and our future generations, in their most sensitive years.

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