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Thoughts and insights from the world of the NDF

Early Childhood Development

How Coding Can Boost Kids’ Logical and Problem-Solving Skills

By NDFAuthors on 3rd Jun 2022

Coding is a skill that kids can start learning at any age, and kids can use coding as an opportunity…

Early Childhood Development

How to Raise Your Kids to Become Great Communicators

By NDFAuthors on 3rd Jun 2022

Communication is one of the most critical skills that every child needs to develop. Building on your children’s communication skills…

Early Childhood Development

Does My Child Need to See a Speech Language Pathologist? 

By NDFAuthors on 18th May 2022

This National Speech Pathology Day, let’s remember to address the thinking and communication needs of children early on and shed…

Early Childhood Education

How to Teach Kids a Foreign Language with Activities

By NDFAuthors on 21st Apr 2022

There are fun and engaging activities that promote language learning with children. On English Language Day, we share how to…

Parenting tips

Ingredient for Thriving Children – Respect

By Jelena Fu on 18th Apr 2022

Let’s talk about respect. Do you respect your children? How do you show your respect? What does respect mean to…

Inspirational Stories

11 Teams Ran and Supported Our Mission at Milano Marathon

By NDFAdmin on 7th Apr 2022

From Belgrade and Milano via Buenos Aires, Florida, Chicago, France, and back—Novak Djokovic Foundation community once again showed its strength…

Early Childhood Development

Half a Century of Play at the Pinocchio Puppet Theater

By NDFAdmin on 5th Apr 2022

The largest puppet theater in Serbia marks half a century of its existence. At the ceremony organized on this occasion,…


“Path of a Champion” is Organizing a Panel Discussion Honoring the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace

By NDFAdmin on 4th Apr 2022

The panel will present a new edition of the Handbook for Parents of Young Athletes. Read the rest of the…


World Autism Awareness Day: Let’s Paint the World Blue!

By NDFAuthors on 2nd Apr 2022

It’s World Autism Awareness Day. Today, we seek to shed more light on the position of children and people with…


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