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Our Stories

Our Stories

Happy New Year from Novak and Jelena! 12 Reasons to Give and Be Grateful for 2021

By NDFAdmin on 31st Dec 2021

Our founders Novak and Jelena Djokovic discuss how far we have come as an organization, thanks to your selfless support…

Our Stories

“Daddy will go…” – Personal Story of Ivan Barca, Participant of our “Support, NOT perfection” Workshops

By NDFAuthors on 19th Nov 2021

As we eagerly anticipate the beginning of the new cycle of the “Support, NOT perfection” program, with the help of…

Our Stories

Let’s Hug and Kiss our Children as Much as We Can While We Can, While They are so Teensy-weensy!

By NDFAdmin on 27th Sep 2021

“As I wished to become a better parent for my child, I healed the wounds from my own childhood.” In…

Our Stories

We Donated Artificial Grass to a Preschool Where the Little Big Ones will Play

By NDFAdmin on 20th Sep 2021

Novak Djokovic Foundation donated 250 square meters of artificial grass to the “Djurdjevak” preschool in the Belgrade municipality of Cukarica….

Our Stories

Meet a Community Where All Children Will Have Access to Preschool

By NDFAdmin on 9th Apr 2021

Generations of smiling children who have spread around the world came from the Vladimirci Municipality. That’s why our team decided…

Our Stories

A Time When Solidarity and Teamwork Save Lives

By NDFAdmin on 7th Apr 2021

In light of World Health Day, we share with you our journey through the challenging times that still follow us….

Our Stories

Children Don’t Just Need Teachers and Parents – Children Need Children

By NDFAdmin on 26th Mar 2021

When spring comes to the village of Stopanja, it will not only bring warmer weather but a new preschool too….

Our Stories

Travelogue of Mother Nevena – the Participant of “Support, not perfection” Program

By NDFAdmin on 9th Mar 2021

During our almost three-month drive through the “Support, not perfection” program, we experienced hundreds of beautiful moments and met wonderful people….

Our Stories

2020 In Review: Our Achievements in a Year Full of Challenges

By NDFAdmin on 11th Feb 2021

A year when a normal everyday life stopped. When everyone stayed at their homes and the streets were left empty….


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