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“Belief is the most common word to me, even more than hope. For one to achieve his dreams, he needs to truly believe in them.”
Watch Novak Djokovic talk about supporting Early Childhood Education and Development

Letter from the founder

I’m coming from a war torn country, a place where many kids do not dare to dream big. I was blessed to have the support of my whole family while growing up. They believed in me and dreamed with me. Because of their trust, love and support, and all the hard work invested, I made my biggest dream come true. I’ve become one of the best tennis players in the world.

I want to help other kids as well to learn from my example that many things are possible if we only believe in ourselves and work hard to fulfil our dreams.

While I’m still young and have a lot of people’s attention, I want to start building my philanthropic legacy. I want to share the focus that is on me with the work my foundation does and help as many kids in Serbia as possible. Through education, they too can be part of our collective effort to decrease poverty and social exclusion.

In order to help raise the awareness of the low enrollment rates in pre-school education in Serbia, I have been given a great honor to carry the role of the UNICEF’s ambassador for Serbia, which is among countries that have the lowest preschool coverage. Led by UNICEF’s example, my foundation too has embraced this initiative and will work together with UNICEF and other non-profit organizations to help the education system in Serbia and give kids a chance to have a better life.

Let us together believe in their dreams!

Novak Djokovic, Founder of the NDF

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