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Tennis Court Priboj

At the NDF we celebrate the value of exercise and play.

At the NDF we celebrate the value of exercise and of play. Participating in sports is good for the whole family; getting outdoors, practicing teamwork, learning new skills, laughing and engaging with one another is healthy for every body. While our main goal is early education, we also know that part of a well-rounded education is learning new skills outside of a classroom. For this reason, we work to build playgrounds and sporting facilities in towns that need them most so that entire communities can benefit from accessible parks and well-built courts and structures.

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It’s no surprise we have a soft spot for tennis around here. Did you know that the first ever Serbian tennis tournament was held in Priboj, a small town in Western Serbia? Consider our surprise when we discovered that this charming Municipality, with its strong (if little known) tennis history, didn’t have a single tennis court for new generations of youngsters and tennis enthusiasts to enjoy. With a nod to those long ago champions who loved the game and made it an important part of Serbian culture, we decided to honor that legacy and bring tennis back Priboj.

We allocated 25,000 EUR to the building of a high-quality tennis facility, complete with lighting, tennis nets and net posts, court lines, drag mats, court benches, and umpire chairs.

Town officials obtained the building permits and other essential documents, and arranged and overlooked the construction process. The final product is an incredible facility we’re all proud of. And we love that the children and families of Priboj will now be able to participate in a sporting tradition that is an integral part of their town’s identity and culture.

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