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Theatre “Bosko Buha” Adaptation

A children’s theater is a jewel in any community.

Kids from many different backgrounds come together and participate in something special and meaningful as a group united by one purpose; to bring joy to an audience of friends, family, and neighbors. The performance arts have the power to give children an incredible sense of purpose and belonging, and can remind even the shyest of kids that they can shine.

Bosko Buha

The theater Bosko Buha in Belgrade, named for one of the greatest partisan WWII fighters in former Yugoslavia, was founded in 1950 as the first professional children’s theater in Serbia. Generations of young actors and actresses have performed countless plays and festivals for audiences both local and international.

Sadly, when the NDF partnered with the theater in 2014, Bosko Buha hadn’t been updated since its opening. 60 years of enthusiastic performances and enraptured audiences had left the space shabby and dilapidated.

65,000 EUR

The NDF invested 65,000 EUR into the theater’s refurbishment. In accordance with the highest possible safety standards and regulations, Bosko Buha was able to install new flooring, purchase new seats and install new theater drapes and stage curtains. We know that Bosko Buha Theater has a long and promising future as a leading children’s theater both in Serbia and abroad.

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